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Environmental Policy

The Etruria International Campsite has from the very start managed its activities paying special attention to the protection of the exceptionally valuable environmental heritage within which it is situated.
The campsite is indeed located in the Tombolo pinewood, an extensive protected natural area of immense value in landscape and environmental terms which is home to numerous vegetable species typical of the Mediterranean maquis (Myrtle, Rosemary, Juniper and Lentisk) and animals, in particular nesting birds such as the Grey Heron, the Purple Heron and the Black-winged Stilt.
The naturalistic importance of the area demands major attention to avoid altering the not always easy balance between the ecosystem and its enjoyment for tourism and leisure purposes. More specifically, the area needs to be protected from the most significant environmental risks, such as coastal erosion, fires, excessive human frequentation in summer to the detriment of the fauna and flora and alterations of the water table.
Since 2006 the commitment of the Etruria Campsite has materialised in the voluntary implementation of a System of Environmental Management through which it can enhance its own awareness and that of its clients regarding the most significant environmental aspects connected with the activity, planning for the control of such aspects, ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations in force, and implementing concrete programmes of improvement. Furthermore, the Campsite Management expresses the desire that the environmental heritage and the safety of both guests and operators should be protected, pursuing simultaneously the satisfaction of the demands and expectations of the Client, while maintaining the quality of the service supplied at absolutely top level.
This commitment of respect towards the environment is materialised through:

  • Prevention of pollution and minimisation of environmental risks with particular reference to those more critical for the Tombolo Pinewood
  • Minimisation of the consumption of water and energy resources, without prejudice to the conditions of comfort offered by the structure
  • Information and awareness-raising for the clients, the operators and the suppliers of the campsite, aimed at fostering virtuous behaviour at both individual and collective level
  • Use of eco-friendly products wherever possible

Finally, targets for continual improvement are established and periodically reviewed, identifying resources and responsibilities for their implementation.
In order to implement the above goals and commitments, the Management provides the organisation and the resources required for the purpose, exercising a monitoring activity so as to ensure that the results are optimal and adapted to the requirements, in conformity with its own policies, so as to ensure that the scheduled targets of improvement are reached.

Castiglione della Pescaia, 2 September 2013 The Management of Campeggio Internazionale Etruria

Castiglione della Pescaia

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